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Level Low Lighting Systems

A ground-based safety guidance system is used if there is a risk that other
there is a risk that other optical safety guidance systems will not systems
are no longer able to fulfil their task due to no longer be able to fulfil their task.
Ground-based safety guidance systems consist of safety signs and guidance
markings signs and guidance markings mounted on the wall or on the floor.
In maritime environments, a ground-level safety guidance system is particularly relevant
is particularly relevant in maritime environments, as the rooms used
windowless and therefore without daylight or fresh air supply or smoke
or smoke extraction. It must provide orientation in a different
orientation in the event of a power failure or emergency.
in the event of an emergency. For the safe and quick evacuation
of the crew and passengers has been in force since 1993.
the IMO Resolution A. 752 (18), the Low Location Lighting
system has been a mandatory requirement in the equipment of
passenger ships.

The materials we use all comply with the standards:
- ISO 24409-1:2010 - ISO 16069:2004 - EN ISO 7010:2012 - ISO 3864-1:2011
- ISO 3864-2:2004 - ISO 17631:2002 - ISO 15370: 2010 - ISO 14726:2008
- ISO 20712-1:2008 - BS 5499-11:2002 - DIN 67510-1:2009 - DIN 67510-4:2008

These include:
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